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Class Debate, an Exercise

What is the strategy? Why did I select this strategy?

The strategy is to prepare for and then to have a full class debate. Having a debate is an opportunity for students to research one aspect of a topic in depth. They can become the expert in that part of their subject and then have the chance to defend this aspect to their peers. In the process they will also have to become familiar with the aspects of the topic that their peers are studying so that they have a broader view of the subject as a whole.

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Mini collaborative projects with presentations:

These are exercises done in groups of 2-4 that have to be presented to the class at the end of the given time. The goal is to get the students thinking about the class ideas and exploring on their own. The need to put together a couple of slides to present to the class helps them to organize their thoughts and to keep them on task. An example is given below.

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