Highlights from the SIMPLE mini-poster session at ITL!

On September 16, 2016, the SIMPLE project organized a mini-poster session with the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference at Mason. During the mini-poster session, members of Teaching Development Groups presented their posters, in which they described and discussed interactive teaching strategies that they use in their classrooms. All posters are available on our website (http://simple.onmason.com/category/posters/). We would like to thank all attendees who came to the session and engaged in conversation about teaching and learning! Special thank you goes to all members who created the posters and made this session possible! Thank you, Laura Kosoglu, Anthony Battistini, Bob Sachs, Chris Kauffman, Mark Snyder, Rebecca Ericson, Anne Crowell, Diana Karczmarczyk, Reid Schwebach, Chelsie Romulo, Marieke Kester, Julia Nord, Jessica Rosenberg, and Tracy Cator-Lee!

Bob Sachs   Chelsie and MariekeChris Kauffman   Laura and AnthonyDiana   Tracy